Tired Of Your Toddler Scribbling On Walls? Here’s What You Can Do

Tired Of Your Toddler Scribbling On Walls? Here’s What You Can Do

4 Oct 2022 | 4 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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If you are a new parent and have a toddler scribbling on walls, you’re probably wondering where you might have gone wrong! There is no need to worry about it since most toddlers love scribbling on walls, it is a common problem that most parents of toddlers face. We understand that cleaning the walls as well as those messy little fingers can get challenging, keep some baby wipes handy!

As for your toddler scribbling on walls, here are some effective tips to stop them from doing it without discouraging their imagination skills and killing their creativity.

Tips To Stop Toddler From Scribbling On Walls

 1. Stay Calm

Yes, that’s the first rule! Toddler behaviours need to be handled calmly, similarly if you catch your toddler scribbling on walls don’t react or shout at him/her. Calmly and lovingly ask them to stop because if you react negatively and scream at them, chances are it might have the opposite effect and they will scribble more instead of stopping. When you are empathetic, toddlers understand what they did was wrong.

2. Create A Designated Area Or Wall

Toddlers scribbling on walls is a common habit that takes time and patience to change. Designate one area for your toddler to scribble on till they slowly get out of the habit. It can be a small part of the wall outside either in the balcony or the garden or in their room. Draw a boundary line or paint that area with chalkboard paint on the designated area and tell them that they can only scribble within that boundary.

3. Cover The Wall With Chart Paper

Another great idea is to cover a wall in your child’s room with large sheets of chart paper. The wall is saved and your child can enjoy being a little Picasso without you having to worry about washing or repainting the wall. What’s more, you can frame and preserve the masterpiece your lil’ one has created!

toddler scribbling on walls
Paint a designated area on the wall with chalkboard paint for your child to scribble on/ Image Source: Freepik.com

4. Hang A Whiteboard

Hanging a whiteboard is an easy way to make sure your toddler doesn’t ruin the walls. Hang a whiteboard at a level where your toddler can easily access it. Give your child some erasable markers and let them have fun scribbling.

5. Invest In Washable Crayons

There are many varieties of washable crayons that are available, especially for toddlers. It’s a good idea to invest in them to save your walls from getting ruined!

6. Teach Them To Draw On The Ground

Drawing on the sidewalk or the ground with chalks that are specially made for this purpose is a fun way to divert them from scribbling on walls. These chalks are easily washable so don’t worry about people complaining! 

7. Involve Your Child In The Cleaning Process

Involve your child in wiping the wall after he/she scribbles on it. When your child is involved in the cleaning process, he/she will realise how difficult it is to get the paint/colours off the wall. Explain to your child about it while cleaning the wall together.

Toddlers are still learning about the ways of the world and have no idea about the difference between a white wall and paper when their creative juices are flowing! All they see in front of them is an inviting large space for them to put down their imagination. It can get daunting for parents but remember that scribbling, drawing, and colouring are important for their development and growth.

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