Top 10 Kid Friendly Places To Live In The World

Top 10 Kid Friendly Places To Live In The World

1 Jul 2022 | 5 min Read


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All that parents want is for their kid to be healthy and happy, and for them to live in an environment that stimulates them to grow into a better person. Moving to a foreign place can be scary as well as exciting for both you and your child. But when you are equipped with the knowledge of all the benefits of the place, you moving there becomes much easier.

Here are the top 10 places in the world where you can raise your child and the reasons as to why moving there would be great. And if you decide to not live in these places, make sure to take your baby on a vacation to these kid-friendly places. It will be worth your time.

1. Spain

Parenting can be quite hard, so make it easier in Spain. Your baby will feel no less than royalty in Spain. Spaniards love babies and they will try to make them feel the best in every single situation. Spain smells and feels beautiful. A place from dreamland one could say. They also have a lot of childcare and parental benefits.

2. Luxembourg

You have a lot of childcare facilities that will help you raise your beautiful baby in Luxembourg. The amount of family and education allowance given here is mind blowing. They care a lot about health, so it won’t just be your baby who is getting all the benefits. It is definitely a place to check out if you are planning to move to raise your toddler.

3. Australia

When you can let your kid play outside every day no matter the weather, it’s pretty much heavenly for them. The beaches in Australia are among the best in the world, so imagine how many sand castles they can build. With all the open space in Australia, you can teach your kid to play ball, cycle, and play ‘tag’ with them all day long. There is space for everyone to grow in Australia and your baby will love you for moving here.

4. France

Some benefits of raising a child in France are that the child starts its education at the age of 3. Now that might be weird, but hear us out, you save a lot of money that you had to spend on daycare, your child starts to socialise and learn all the social norms and rules early in life, and they even learn to be polite, as they really give this a lot of importance here. Child care in France is fairly cheap. There are many outdoor activity options for kids and if they ever get injured, don’t worry, there are plenty of health facilities.

5. Germany

Germany has a lot of family benefits for parents and children. You have Elterngeld, a child-raising allowance from the government, and other childcare options available to parents of toddlers in Germany. Also, there are loads of other activities for your children, like taking a special interest in art and culture.

6. New Zealand

It is the most stable, safe and peaceful place to live in. In fact, it is the 4th safest country in the world. It stands first in the world for its healthcare facilities. It provides a wonderful opportunity for your children to grow up into productive beings. New Zealand has a lot of open fields and space for your young ones to stay healthy and enjoy sports. Its clean water bodies are perfect for swimming and the forest land is great for treks and walks. Basically, it is the perfect place to grow up in nature’s lap.

7. Israel

Everyone has one common thing to say about Israel, “They are very happy to be raising their little one in Israel”. Parents in Israel couldn’t be happier about the child care system, education system, security and the healthcare facilities provided here. If the parents have no negative thing to say about a place, it has to be good, right?

8. Sweden

Here is why raising your child in Sweden is going to be great. First of all, you are allowed to work only 75% of what you used to work before until your baby turns 8. So, this gives you time to come home and spend time and energy with your prince/princess as well. Equality is given a lot of importance in Sweden, so be prepared for you baby to learn many valuable lessons.

9. Finland

Finland has gained great recognition when it comes to being a great place to raise your tiny tot.Here, when a child is born, you receive a small box containing a few essential baby products. You get paid maternity and paternity leave in Finland, which helps in maintaining a balance between your work and family life. The affordable day care is also helpful. The main reason to move to Finland though is equality among all humans.

10. Austria

The quality of family life in Austria is truly commendable. Austrians are very friendly and once you get the hang of German and your neighbours, Austria becomes like a home that you’ve never had. One of the best reasons why raising your baby here is great is the fact that there is a low crime rate. The generous support to families from the government, the almost free daycare for pre-schoolers, the affordable healthcare, and the fact that Austria’s education system is one of the world’s best, is the icing on the cake.











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