Top 20 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Top 20 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

27 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Every body is different, so the symptoms experienced by any woman during pregnancy is unique. In fact, these symptoms may even differ from one pregnancy to the next. How do you know whether you’re pregnant? On an average, symptoms only start to show once a woman is 6 weeks along. Some of the early signs of pregnancy are as follows:

1.Missed a Period?

This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. A person with regular periods may want to take a pregnancy test on account of a missed period. If your period isn’t very regular or if you don’t track it, you may miss this sign but there are many other symptoms which are easy to spot.


This is a light bleeding which occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall. It’s also called implantation bleeding and may occur a week or two after fertilization has occurred. This is a normal occurrence in the first few weeks of pregnancy.


You may experience some cramps quite similar to period cramps, so it may be mistaken for the onset of a period. However, these cramps, along with the bleeding, are not severe.


You may also face a situation in which you excrete a white discharge. This occurs due to the increased rate of growth of cells and thickening of the wall of the vagina, and could be a sign of pregnancy. If it starts to smell bad and/or cause irritation, consult a doctor as it could mean you have an infection.

5.Sore breasts:

This is a common symptom of pregnancy characterized by sensitive or sore and swollen breasts. They may feel tingly or heavy and the area around the nipples may darken. The soreness is similar to that felt before a period, but more severe. It occurs due to a sudden change in hormone levels accompanying pregnancy.


In the first few weeks of pregnancy, your body is doing a lot of work in order to prep itself to support a baby. It releases increased amounts of progesterone which tend in increase the body temperature which in turn depletes your energy. Thus, unusual fatigue could be an indicator of pregnancy.

7.Weight Gain:

Although, this symptom is not immediate, it does begin to manifest soon after conception. If you feel like you’ve been gaining weight despite that new diet, you may want to take a pregnancy test.

8.Blood Pressure:

During pregnancy, blood pressure levels tend to drop due to the dilation of the blood vessels. Unusually low blood pressure may be another sign of pregnancy.

9.Blood Sugar:

Due to all the extra work your body is doing, blood sugar levels also tend to fall during pregnancy.

10.Shortness of Breath:

Basically, the tiny life growing inside you needs some oxygen too. So sharing your oxygen with the foetus means you get less of it. This tends to continue throughout the pregnancy since the growing foetus would require increasing amounts of oxygen.

11.Morning Sickness/Nausea:

This generally starts at about 6 weeks from conception and unfortunately, contrary to the term, may occur at any point in the day.

12.Food Aversion:

This may have something to do with the nausea. One theory states that we’re repelled by food that may be unhealthy for the foetus. It may also be due to the increased oestrogen levels in the body. Just know that, if you’re pregnant, it’s normal to gag at the smell of your once favourite food.


In contrast to food aversion, you may find yourself craving certain food which may be food you, ordinarily, wouldn’t think of touching.

14.Frequent Urination:

If you find yourself going to the Ladies Room every half an hour, that might be a sign that you’re pregnant. Due to the increased levels of fluid production in the body during pregnancy, your bladder fills up faster.


Basically, hormones screw you over during your pregnancy. The increased hormonal levels may leave you feeling bloated, similar to that felt during your period. Bloating could be a sign that you’re pregnant.

16.Body temperature:

A high basal body temperature for 3 weeks or more means you’re probably pregnant.

17.Mood Swings:

Again with the hormones. You may feel overly sensitive, emotionally. A pregnant person may experience heightened emotions, both good and bad, however it is also possible to feel more depressed and anxious.


If you’ve been experiencing headaches and/or back aches at abnormal frequencies and intensities, chances are, you’re pregnant.


If you’ve been feeling excessively dizzy or faint lately, it might be a sign of pregnancy. This occurs due to low blood pressure during pregnancy.


Higher progesterone affects the digestive system. If you’ve been feeling constipated for a while, you should try taking a pregnancy test.











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