5 Tricks To Stop A Preschooler’s Tantrum In Less Than A Minute!

5 Tricks To Stop A Preschooler’s Tantrum In Less Than A Minute!

4 Aug 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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Every parent has to deal with their preschooler’s tantrum and it can be challenging. However, your child is too young to understand things and their tantrum can be a way to express their emotions. Learning to handle your toddler’s tantrums can help not just make your parenting journey easier, but also help your child shape their personality for the future years.

Why Do Children Throw Tantrums?
Toddler tantrums usually begin when they turn about eighteen months old. Normally, when a toddler is frustrated about something as simple as hunger, illness or fatigue, it might trigger an outburst which results in temper tantrums. That’s because toddlers don’t have the words to express how they are feeling.

Even though there are no foolproof ways to handle a tantrum, these tips will help you handle your toddler’s temper in less than a minute!

Here are a few tips to handle them calmly.

Tips To Deal With To Deal With A Preschooler’s Tantrums

1. Get Down To Your Child’s Level

Getting down to your child’s level by squatting so that your child can see you face to face is a good idea, as your child will feel less threatened and more heard. It is the best way to get their attention and calm them down.

2. Make Eye Contact

Once you’re face to face with your child, look them directly in the eye. This will mostly catch them off guard and cause a break in the tantrum after which you can talk to them. Making eye contact is a sign of respect and children are more likely to listen. Your child will feel the seriousness and realise that you empathise with their emotions because of your eye contact and expressions.

preschooler’s tantrum in early years
A preschooler’s tantrum in the early years must be handled with love and care so that they learn the same for the future too/ Credit – Pixabay

3. Tone Up and Get Serious

This does not mean that you scream at your child. Don’t forget your child will follow your tone when it comes to handling their anger. So if you yell, they will too try to match your volume as they want to connect with you and engage. 

Remember that they’re feeling frustrated or sad and focusing on the reason can help you handle the situation better. Even if you do raise your voice, which is very common let your child know that you’re sorry and give it a fresh start. You need to keep your tone serious and not rude. If that too doesn’t work try a diplomatic approach.

preschooler’s tantrum in early years
Distraction can be a great way to handle a preschooler’s tantrum in the early years by giving them an alternate option / Credit – Pexels

4. Distract

Yes, distraction always works best. When your child is throwing a tantrum, just point out something more interesting  You can try singing a song or making some animal sounds or making faces to distract them. 

5. Hug Them

Hugging your child may feel like the last thing parents want to do when their preschooler’s tantrum is getting out of control. However, a big and firm hug can help them settle down. It does not need to be a super cuddly one. After your child cools down, don’t say a word because when you do it they might start it all over again. Hugs make children feel safe and loved even if their behaviour gets difficult to handle. 

Parents often make the mistake of thinking that they need a magic wand or a special treatment to handle their kid’s tantrums, but it’s not as complicated as it looks. These tips are sure to help you handle tantrums like a pro.



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