130 Unique Baby Girl Names

130 Unique Baby Girl Names

2 Jul 2022 | 6 min Read

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If you are looking for unique names for girls, you are at the right place. We’ve got a well-curated list of unique baby girl names.

A name is your child’s first identity that he/ she needs to carry throughout. Expecting mums during their pregnancy come up with a name for them and this is perhaps one of the best things that couples do.

We have also added the meaning of each unique girl’s name to make an informed decision. Make sure that you are picking a special name for your daughter that has a beautiful meaning. After you have shortlisted your favourite names, it is a lot easier to pick one for your princess. Read on to know more.

unique baby girl names
Start making a list of the names for your little one as it will help you pick one easily. | Image Source: pexels

List Of The Top Unique Names For Baby Girls

From unique Hindu baby girl names to unique Indian baby girl names, we have created a list that will be your favourite. We are sure that you will find a name that’s special and meaningful.

To help you give a name to your adorable daughter, here’s a list of unique names for girls:

  1. Aabha: Someone who shines.
  1. Aahana: It means “morning beauty.”
  1. Aahi: It means “great leader.”
  1. Aahna: To exist.
  1. Aakhya: It means fame.
  1. Aakriti: This name refers to a shape.
  1. Aarushi: It refers to the first ray of the sun.
  1. Aashi: This name means “smile”.
  1. Aashna: Beautiful.
  1. Aayushi: Someone who has a long life.
  1. Abha: This name means “splendour.”
  1. Abhitha: Another name for goddess Parvathi and describes a fearless woman.
  1. Anitha: Grace.
  1. Arya: One who is wise.
  1. Bhama: A beautiful name that means “Light.”
  1. Bhatri: Another name for goddess Saraswati.
  1. Bhuvika: It means heaven.
  1. Bishti: It means rainfal.
  1. Chahna: It means charming.
  1. Chavi: It means reflection.
  1. Chinayi: It means blissful.
  1. Dakshata: One who is skillful.
  1. Dhuni: It means river.
  1. Eshika: One who is the daughter of god.
  1. Estaa: One who is loving.
  1. Ganika: This name refers to flowers.
  1. Haimi: Someone who is mysterious.
  1. Hansini: One who is as beautiful as a swan.
  1. Harini: It means deer.
  1. Hemali: Something coated with gold.
  1. Ishya: This name means Spring.
  1. Jeevika: This name refers to livelihood.
  1. Kaashi: A name that brings the feeling of something sacred.
  1. Kaira: Peaceful and unique.
  1. Kaivalya: It means freedom.
  1. Kajol: A very famous Indian name that denotes “khol/ eyeliner”.
  1. Kalika: To be loud.
  1. Kalka: This name denotes the goddess “Durga.”
  1. Kalpi: Imagination.
  1. Kalya: Something that’s pleasant.
  1. Kamana: A long-lasting desire.
  1. Kavya: To be poetic.
  1. Kinara: River banks.
  1. Laasya: The dance performed by goddess Parvati.
  1. Laavanya: One who is beautiful.
  1. Lekha: This ancient Sanskrit word means a written article or the act of writing.
  1. Maanyata: It refers to principles.
  1. Madhu: A quintessential Indian name which means honey.
  1. Madhurima: Someone who has a charm.
  1. Mahi: A rare name which means Mother Earth.
  1. Manmayi: Another name for goddess Radha.
  1. Manvi: A powerful name that means humanity.
  1. Maushmi: It means Monsoon.
  1. Maya: It means illusion.
  1. Mihika: It means mist, fog or dew drop.
  1. Mihira: The feminine form of Mihir, the Sun.
  1. Mridula: To be gentle.
  1. Mukta: It means to be liberated.
  1. Myra: It means sweetness.
  1. Nadia: This name means hopeful.
  1. Naina: It means “The eye”.
  1. Naini: A girl with “beautiful eyes”.
  1. Nainika: It refers to the pupil of the eye.
  1. Nalika: It means lotus.
  1. Namya: Someone who is worthy of honour.
  1. Narmada: One who gives you joy.
  1. Naveena: It refers to something that is new.
  1. Navneeta: It refers to something like butter.
  1. Navya: To be young.
  1. Nina: A baby girl.
  1. Nirmala: Something that is pure.
  1. Niru: It means strength.
  1. Nithya: Something that is eternal.
  1. Nitya: A name that was given to goddess Durga.
  1. Niyati: It means fortune.
  1. Nyra: It refers to the beauty of goddess Saraswati.
  1. Pala: This name means eyelashes.
  1. Pallavi: To bloom.
  1. Pari: This name refers to a fairy.
  1. Piya: This name means beloved.
  1. Prachi: It means “East” or “Morning.”
  1. Pradeepa: One who is pretty.
  1. Pradhi: One who is intelligent.
  1. Pragya: It means wisdom.
  1. Prasanna: It refers to the feeling of happiness.
  1. Radha: The lover of Krishna.
  1. Ragini: It means melody.
  1. Rajani: It means night.
  1. Rajasi: Another name for goddess Durga.
  1. Raka: It means full moon.
  1. Raksha: It means “The Protector”.
  1. Ramani: It simply means a woman.
  1. Ramita: Something that is pleasing.
  1. Ramya: Something delightful.
  1. Rewa: It means swift.
  1. Richa: To praise someone.
  1. Richana: Someone who is strong and powerful.
  1. Rina: A gem of a person.
  1. Rishika: Something holy.
  1. Ritika: Someone who keeps traditions.
  1. Roma: Another name for goddess Lakshmi.
  1. Roopam:  Someone who is beautiful.
  1. Ruhi: It name means soul.
  1. Sagareka: It refers to the waves in the ocean.
  1. Sahana: It means patience.
  1. Sahi: To keep faith.
  1. Saira: This name means a bird.
  1. Samidha: It means an offering.
  1. Sangeetha:  This name means a song.
  1. Shay: A graceful name that means courteous.
  1. Shea: A fairy palace.
  1. Shefali: Someone who is as beautiful and pleasant as a flower.
  1. Shia: It means bright.
  1. Sila: To reunite.
  1. Sneha: It means love.
  1. Taahira: Someone who is modest.
  1. Taamana: It refers to a deep wish or desire.
  1. Taana: It means encouragement.
  1. Talika: It means nightingale.
  1. Tanika: It means rope.
  1. Tarani: This name refers to a raft boat.
  1. Taya: This name means perfectly formed like your little girl who is so perfect in your arms.
  1. Taza: This name means a cup.
  1. Tiya: It means parrot.
  1. Tulsi: It refers to the Tulsi plant.
  1. Udita: Someone who has risen, grown and risen.
  1. Umika: Another name for the goddess Parvathi.
  1. Urmi: It means wave.
  1. Vaani: It means speech.
  1. Vahini: This resembles the flowing of the river.

Parents often look for unique Indian baby girl names starting with ‘A’, unique baby girl names starting with ‘P’, and unique baby girl names starting with ‘K’. We have created our list keeping in mind all such requests. 

unique Indian baby girl names
The name of your daughter can be indicative of who she will grow up to be and help instil qualities in little one indirectly. | Image Source: pexels

The name of your daughter can be indicative of who she will grow up to be and help instil qualities in little one indirectly.

If you want to have a look at more such names, you can refer to the baby name finder
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