4 Ways To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winter

4 Ways To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winter

30 Jan 2023 | 4 min Read

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Finding the proper balance and feeling secure about your baby’s comfort can take some experience and patience. Ways to keep your baby warm during the chilly winter days are among the most typical issues that all mothers confront. Babies find it very challenging to control their body temperature as they cannot adapt to temperature change like adults.

When babies are stressed because of the cold, they use oxygen and energy to generate warmth. If skin temperatures drop from 97.7° F, a baby’s oxygen use can increase by 10 per cent. Therefore it’s important to make sure your baby is neither too cold nor too hot. If they maintain a comfortable temperature, they can conserve energy and build up reserves. The winter months also make babies more susceptible to cough, cold, and flu.

You must understand how to help your baby in maintaining a continuous body temp during the winter, especially at night. Continue reading to see what you can do to ensure your baby is warm and cosy during those chilly winter evenings.

How To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winter

1. Use a duvet or swaddle

One-piece suits may not always be adequate to keep your baby warm when the temperature is too chilly. You must swaddle your baby tightly in order to give him a warm, restful night’s sleep during those chilly evenings. If your child frequently kicks off the covers, you may put him to sleep in a onesie sleeping mechanism.

2. Dress your infant properly

The easiest approach to keep your child warm when sleeping in the winter is to layer them in a way that is simple to put on again and take off. Instead of covering your child in bulkier or woollen clothing, dress them in a few thin layers of winter gear that you can easily take off for diaper changes. Also, apply a diaper rash cream after every diaper change to keep your baby free from rashes, which are common especially when they are layered in clothes during winter months.

3. Set the appropriate room temperature

Keep the temperature in your baby’s room between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius to ensure that he/she doesn’t feel too hot or too chilly. Using a room thermometer, determine whether the temp in your baby’s room is warm enough and not too hot. An adult wearing light clothing should feel cosy in the space.

4. Keep the wind away from the baby

The location of the crib in the room will also affect how comfortable your kid will feel while sleeping. A few feet should separate the cot or bassinet from air vents, draughty windows, fans, and exterior walls. Additionally, shut all doors and windows to avoid chilly breezes entering the area.

How Can I Determine Whether My Infant Is Too Hot Or Too Cold?

Consider how you are suited when deciding how to outfit your kid during cold weather. The standard advice is to wear the same quantity of layers as you are wearing plus one more for your child. 

You can tell how comfortable and warm your infant is by observing their behaviour/Image source:freepik

Try to outfit your infant in airy, simple-to-remove layers in case they warm up. If they are clad or covered in several layers of clothing, they can become overheated. Even though your baby’s face and hands may seem cold, their body’s core temperature may be different. Feel their back and stomach skin to get a better estimate of their body temperature. Warmth should be felt on their skin, not extremely cold or heat.

You can tell how comfortable and warm your infant is by observing their behaviour. If your baby is warm enough and content, they will be cheerful, active, and resting.

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