what does the color of your vaginal discharge reveal about your health

what does the color of your vaginal discharge reveal about your health

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Vaginal Discharge!’ is the current trending topic that has been doing rounds amongst 85% of the women worldwide. It is true that women might feel quite shy and awkward about discussing this topic even with their mothers or other close women folks But feeling so will only stop you from knowing about your own body!

Your body is your own temple and there’s no reason why you should even feel awkward or gross while talking about your own body.     

What is Vaginal Discharge?

The vaginal discharge is a mixture of fluids like the cervical mucus and vaginal secretions. Your vaginal discharge is just another regular thing to happen to your body. Imagine one day you go to a bathroom and pull down your pants and what you see leaves you horrified!

Sometimes you might wonder if that’s even normal then you freak out thinking you’re either pregnant. What you need to know is that the vaginal discharge can be of different colors and it is all ‘NORMAL’.

Although the discharge is normal and happens all the time, there are certain types of discharges that could be signaling the occurrence of an infection. This kind of a discharge is ‘ABNORMAL’ as it has a funky color like yellow or green and it has a rotten stench. It is generally caused by either a bacterial or a yeast infection.

What are the 4 types of Vaginal discharge?

1.White Discharge

This is quite normal and it happens to women at the start of their menstrual cycle and towards the end too. But if you experience itching and notice that the white discharge is particularly thick and has the texture of ‘Paneer’ you should be alarmed as it could be indicating that you have a yeast infection.

If your discharge is clear and stretchy, then it probably is because you’re ovulating!

2. Brown or Slightly Bloody Discharge

It is normal to have this only when you are on your periods or sometime towards the end. Those last few drops of blood that don’t drop down tend to linger in your body even if you’re done with your periods. It will trickle down and become brown and fall out of your body.

If you encounter even the slightest brown or red discharge during the normal time of the month and you’ve had some sexy time without protection, you could be pregnant! On the flipside, it could also indicate miscarriage if you see spotting in the initial phase of pregnancy.

3.Yellow Discharge

It is generally a sign of infection. When the discharge is chunky, thick and it has a foul smell it could indicate something abnormal about your vaginal health. This indicates that you have an infection called ‘Trichomoniasis’. This infection occurs through sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

4. Green Discharge

This is a sure shot indication of abnormality in the vaginal discharge. It is generally thick and very slimy. It produces a rotten kind of an odor and it is unpleasant to deal with. Many people reported this even when they took vitamin supplements.

When do I see the doctor?

Make a quick visit to your gynecologist when you see the following symptoms:

-Burning sensation when you pee

-Pungent strong smell from your vagina

-Change in the texture of your discharge

-Bleeding off your period


The more you know! Share with other moms and let them know about this too! 🙂 



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