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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship With Your Partner Xyz

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship With Your Partner Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Sleeping is a beautiful experience especially if you’re next to the love of your life! Did you know sleep can tell us a lot about the kind of a person you are? Say, for instance, if you sleep a lot on your tummy, then you’re a person who likes being playful and is open to life and experiences.

Psychology says that your mind controls every step you take, and that is inclusive of the way you sleep too! Body language is something that is controlled by your brain. It is strange that you’ll never consciously spill out the kind of relationship you share with your partner, but your subconscious self cannot conceal it anymore.

Surprisingly, it is so accurate that you’ll be super shocked with the results yourself!

1. If you’re the little spoon

This position suggests that your partner trusts you a lot. In this position, your partner envelopes you in such a way that you feel secure and intimate at the same time. It involves a butt-penis contact and it is one of the best sex positions and at the same time it invokes and portrays the trust factor a lot!

2. The chaser

Just like spooning, but this one talks more about one person chasing the other. The drifting apart in bed and then the partner chasing them (quite literally) to hold them and sleep.

So this can be understood in two ways:

-The person who is being chased wants to be chased and won..just like winning somebody’s heart over!

-Or the person is just playing hard to get kind.

The third secret meaning is that the person has moved away because they need their own space for a while at least.

3. Putting your head on his chest

This position gives out that you’re dependent on him for comfort and safety. When your man is sleeping with his face up and chest broad and on his back, it shows that he is a strong and a confident man. He is using all his power to protect you and keep you safe from the world. Aww, adorable how men can be such sweethearts!

4. Facing each other

Sleeping face to face can be utterly romantic but did you know that it is an indication of your partner trying to tell you that they’re feeling distant! If you feel like your partner is pressing his pelvis against you, it is a sure shot indication, he wants some and it’s a great chance to get intimate with him!

5. Poles apart

Sleeping on your sides on the same bed can make you feel gloomy at night. Maybe you feel like your partner is being distant and you’re losing out on the midnight cuddles and intimacy. Your partner subconsciously is trying to say that you need to give them some personal space.

Also, it could mean that your partner is hiding something from you or probably just stresses at work!But watch out for any red flags in your relationship.

It could also be because of your toenails that poke him whilst he’s trying to cuddle you or maybe you kicked him in your sleep one night.











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