what does your zodiac say about your relationship with your in laws

what does your zodiac say about your relationship with your in laws

18 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Isn’t it fun knowing you have a partner in crime and partner for life now? We totally feel your mood if you’re a newly married couple enjoying the blissful honeymoon period. And well, if you’re down a couple of years into the slightly boring phase already…hmm well, we feel your mood too.     

Basically, marriage is one maddening ride that can teach you to love as well as to hate, and we know how hard it is to balance a marital track. But, have you ever thought what is it that makes your marital life madder? One of the things that do this is your relationship with your in-laws. For while some are really nice and accepting, the others are blunt and crude. And obviously, being the latest addition to the family, some judgments are bound to come your way.

However, have you ever wondered about the craziness of your relationship with your in-laws and what influences it to be so crazy? We bet you didn’t give it a thought, but just imagine your stars controlling the equation you share with them. Aren’t you curious to know if it actually happens?

Well, to be honest, it does. And especially if you’re trying to impress your parent-in-law of the same sex, it’s a whole other roller coaster ride. Astrology has evidences that your relationship with your in-laws is influenced by both your zodiacs. Let’s check some of those out today:

Let’s check some of those out today:

1. Aquarian Mommy-in-Law 

Aquarian mom-in-laws are extremely independent and free with their children and they will be the same with you. They are quite quirky and don’t believe in “judgements at first sight”. If you have an aquarian mommy-in-law, you’re lucky! Though, think twice before you upset her.

2. Piscean Mommy-in-Law

Well, piscean mom-in-laws might seem docile and submissive, but they possess the ability to keep you on your toes. As much as she feels protective of her family, she will also ensure you don’t disturb the balance that took her years to create and maintain. Be careful!

3. Arian Mommy-in-Law

These mommies might seem like they’re being careful about things, but they are also sharp with their words and gestures. While they seem harsh due to their strong personality, they can’t help but care for you deep within. Just try winning them over with your constant hugs and kisses and see the magic.

4. Taurean Mommy-in-Law

Now, these mommys are a little tough to please. They tend to be conformative and like it when you follow their orders. Winning them over means following her orders religiously until you bond with her for real.

5. Gemini Mommy-in-Law

Now, if your mom-in-law is a gemini, you are the luckiest? These mommies are the most adjusting of all and do not take much time to break the ice. They are supportive and super sweet. You’re such a lucky daughter-in-law!

6. Cancerian Mommy-in-Law

When you marry your significant other half, one of the wishes you have is to be loved by your new mommy just as you are by your real one. And if you have a mommy-in-law who’s a cancerian, you’ve hit the jackpot. These mums are typically maternal and will fill your marital life with a lot of maternal love and care. You will feel like you’re back in your mommy’s arms.

7. Leo Mommy-in-Law

Well, if you have a leo mum-in-law now you’re under a leader who likes everything done her way. Her constant urge to lead everyone might irk you a little, but try remembering her sweeter side to calm yourself down and you’ll be good.

8. Virgo Mommy-in-Law

Mommies who come under this zodiac will make you remember the smacks you received from your teachers back in school. She will do anything to ensure you don’t land your marriage into trouble, like scold you or even embarrass you in public, but remember she really loves you.

9. Libran Mommy-in-Law

These mommies are very selfless and giving, so much so that it’s enough to get you to hug her and never leave her. They’re the kind to not leave your hand till you work your way through with your children and grandchildren. They’re absolutely adorable.

10. Scorpion Mommy-in-Law

These mums are a healthy balance of strength and weakness. As much as they project themselves to be strong individuals, they also believe in family unity and do not hesitate to tell you you are a part of the family. Try listening to her once and see the pearls of wisdom that befall you.

11. Sagittarian Mommy-in-Law

They are exact opposites to pessimism and anything that is evil. Being women who always put their foot down first, you won’t find anyone to be a more peaceful presence in your life.

12. Capricorn Mommy-in-Law

Being perfectionists, they expect the same out of you. But they’re also loving and giving. Minding their own businesses, they don’t expect you to report to them for everything and it can’t get better for you than this.



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