what to expect when youre expecting

what to expect when youre expecting

30 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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So you’re late by a couple of days, you walk on over to the drugstore, doe eyed, sweaty handed; Could this be the day? The way back home is a flood of emotions, anticipations and apprehensions. You pee on the stick, crossing your fingers and toes and whatever else you possibly can, praying for a miracle. The two lines, a dark one and a light one appear like a thing of dreams. And just like that, You’re pregnant! In about 9 months, a little bundle of joy will find its way into this world.

So what can you expect? It is more than just a bump where there once was nothing. Here are the things you should look forward to and the things you should dread about expecting a baby.

1. The Love Hate Relationship

During the first few weeks, you will fail to see many significant changes but your body experiences a whirlwind of hormones, prepping your body to nourish the little one. The first major change that you’d be able to point out right away would be the enlarging breasts, they grow at rates, unfathomable. Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration, they get really big and tender and yes you may have a love-hate relationship with them.

2. The Pleasure in the Pain

As your pregnancy progresses, you will get tired in doing the little things that came to you effortlessly earlier. You’re on the phone one minute and the next you’re puking up a storm. Peeing a lot is natural too. A constant discomfort will become, your way of life but your baby’s little toes and fingers are worth the time spent at the loo, don’t you think?

3. And suddenly you’re ye big!

During your second trimester, your uterus whilst growing at the speed of light also expands up and out your pelvis and hence, the baby bump. Your bump is at its cutesy stage where people start to take notice and throw a dozen questions at you with their ever so twinkling eyes. You will begin to feel him/ her flutter within your womb and your elation will know no end. This is also the time you are to take an ultrasound, hear the heartbeat and have the first look of the miracle, made of you and your significant other.

4. Live to eat

The third trimester, when the wackiest of cravings kick in. Ice cream at 2 AM or pickled onions at 3. You’re appetite will give a baby dinosaur a run for its money! But as easily as you’ll be eating that’s how difficult it will get for you to digest effectively. You see, during this period your little guy/girl grows out of your body, further, pushing on your small intestine, the commander in chief of digestion. As a result you’ll experience heartburn and breathlessness more often than not. There’s a ton of pressure on your bladder as well so be prepared to call the loo your second home. It’s a little price to pay though, to hold that little piece of perfection in your hands, isn’t it?

5. The Fruition of Efforts

Your pregnancy would’ve been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences, by the time your baby is engaged for delivery. Your water will break and a surge of panic will consume you. You, my friend have gone into labor. Keep calm because your partner will start to lose it just when you do. Your contractions will begin soon after but for some people it takes a while so there’s no need to call on the almighty. A C-section or a normal delivery, whatever comes your way will be grueling but knowing that at in the end, your life will brim over with happiness, will make the experience one to take pride in and in ways, even cherish.

Your pregnancy is in itself a miracle of sorts, against all odds, this baby is brought to you. Your baby’s every breath, its beating heart, its very existence, is magic and you, your resilient, strong and beautiful self has had the privilege to be the channel for it into the world. Your pregnancy is one of a kind, it is glorious, it is nothing short of divine. Make the very best of every moment that the little wonder is inside you, it is an experience unmatched by even the riches of the world.

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