What Should I Give A Toddler With A Tummy Upset?

What Should I Give A Toddler With A Tummy Upset?

25 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read

Sayani Basu

Author | 511 Articles

Your toddler’s stomach can be upset because of several causes including illnesses, motion sickness, or an infection of the digestive tract. Plus, their digestive and immune systems are still developing. The good news is that some simple remedies can treat the little one’s upset stomach.

You can also choose a tummy relief roll-on that’s loaded with the goodness of organic coconut oil, hing oil, fennel oil, ginger oil, nutmeg oil and peppermint oil that relieves discomfort from tummy pain, colic, gas, constipation, indigestion and acid reflux.

Read on to know more about what to give a toddler for upset stomach and vomiting.

4 Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Treating Your Toddler’s Upset Tummy

  1. Hing (Asafoetida) and ghee on the stomach: You can take a tsp of hing and mix it with a tsp of ghee and heat it till lukewarm.

The formulation can be applied to your toddler’s tummy four to five times a day till he/ she gets complete relief.

  1. Castor oil and betel leaf: Take half a teaspoon of castor oil, warm it till lukewarm and apply it to the tummy. Try to cover the portion with a betel leaf after applying the oil.

Castor oil aids in treating stomach aches as it stimulates the digestive system and improves the peristaltic that’s useful in addressing constipation. It also releases gas and clears bowel movements.

  1. Decoction of jeera (cumin) and water: Decoction of jeera and water does wonders to treat your toddler’s upset tummy.

You can take a litre of water and add two tsp of cumin seeds. After heating it, pour the contents into a bottle.

toddler with upset stomach and diarrhoea
Cumin does wonders for your toddler’s upset stomach. | Image Source: freepik

Let your toddler sip on it throughout the day that will aid better digestion and provide him relief.

  1. Ginger and hing decoction: Ginger and hing decoction is an Ayurvedic home remedy that aids digestion. You can take fresh ginger, hing and a dash of rock salt and add it to water.

After boiling it, pour the contents into a bottle. Let your child drink it sip by sip.

Top 3 Recommendations for An Upset Tummy

  1. BRAT Diet: The BRAT diet is often recommended to toddlers with an upset stomach. It includes bananas, rice, applesauce and unbuttered toast.

The BRAT diet might also include yoghurt. If your toddler is not fond of yoghurt, you can consider adding probiotics to their food after consulting the doctor as it aids digestive health.

  1. Low-fibre food: During diarrhoea, low-fibre foods are usually recommended for toddlers as the stool might become firmer.

Crackers and white rice are some of the foods you can feed 12-month-old babies with upset stomachs. You can also try some of these low-fibre foods for your older babies:

  • White bread
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cooked vegetables like carrots
  • Lean meats such as chicken
  • Pasta
toddler stomach pain at night
Low in fibre, white bread is often recommended for toddlers having an upset stomach. | Image Source: freepik
  1. Fluids: Your toddler’s upset tummy can be at its worst when dehydration sets in.

In order to keep your little one hydrated, it is advisable to continue giving him water.

If the diarrhoea is severe, you can contact the doctor who can prescribe oral rehydration salts or an electrolyte solution.

Seeing your toddler having an upset stomach can be difficult. Yet, it’s important to remember to stay calm and feed your child the right foods, and keep an eye out for worsening symptoms so that they are back to running around playing soon rather than running to the bathroom to toss their cookies.











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