When Should You Introduce Movies To Toddlers?

When Should You Introduce Movies To Toddlers?

28 Oct 2022 | 5 min Read

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Family-friendly entertainment options like going to the movies are a fun way to bond with your child. They may also be an excellent approach to exposing your youngster to actual life circumstances. But when should you introduce movies to toddlers?

You already indicate that you believe there might be a workable middle ground by asking this question. The essential idea is that it’s inappropriate to bring a young child to films with adult themes. If you’d like to watch the newest R-rated romantic comedy, arrange a babysitter. 

Many movies are too long for toddlers, whose attention spans are limited and who have trouble sitting still and remaining (relatively) quiet for extended periods. Films can also be frightening or perplexing. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, screen time for children between 18 and 24 should be limited to watching educational programming along with a caregiver.

Additionally, it is not a wise decision to take a toddler to any late-night films. Chances also are that your toddler won’t understand the movie at this stage anyhow. You won’t be able to settle down and enjoy the flick with a toddler around because they are sleepy, wriggly, easily distracted and have a knack for requiring to use the toilet at the most crucial plot points. Also, be prepared with baby wipes for accidents like juice or popcorn spilling which are very common with little kids during movie time. 

However, movies can be used as a tool to provide negative and positive influences to toddlers, provided you select the correct movies that are especially for toddlers. It’s advisable for parents to co-view movies with toddlers so that they can share their experiences, discuss and even teach children some values like sharing, respect, etc. Parents can also use it as an opportunity to learn about what interests their toddlers.

What To Keep In Mind When You Introduce Movies To Toddlers?

The right age to take a toddler to a movie is usually around the age of three or four but it all depends from child to child. While some are ready for their first movie at that age, some might still not be ready to go for their first movie, as they could be sensitive to loud noises or even scared of a dark theatre.

Here are some things you need to know if you are thinking of introducing movies to toddlers.

  • Choose a kid-friendly movie: Toddlers usually love animated movies.
  • Plan the right time: Try going to a matinee on a weekday; they’re usually not too crowded, and no one will be having a date, either.
  • Feed them well before you head for the movie.
  • Be considerate of your theatre neighbours as well. While some might find your toddler’s remarks or cheers amusing, they might prefer to watch the film silently. Therefore, if your child is babbling nonstop, it’s time to go home and attempt again in a few months.
  • Be prepared to leave the theatre with a crying or screaming child! Toddlers can sometimes be overwhelmed by the loud noise no matter how well you prepare them for the experience.
Introduce movies to toddlers
Movie watching can also teach young children negative behaviours/ Image source:northeastohiofamilyfun.com

How Can Movies Influence Toddlers?

Young children may be scared by scary moments; even if they don’t grasp the plot, the music and atmosphere of the film might evoke anxiety. You might need to be prepared for the likelihood of night terrors in that situation.

Movie watching can also teach young children negative behaviours. It’s likely that if your tiny one witnesses others striking and kicking each other for two hours, they will eventually emulate some of that behaviour. You might be disappointed to learn that there aren’t many “G” rated films for toddlers if you want to go to the movies and don’t mind watching one aimed at your kid. Checking your neighbourhood movie theatres to see whether any of them host “kid-friendly” movie evenings is an additional choice.

Kids can also be confused by movies, as they won’t fully understand the finality of mortality until they are around five years old. She might ponder why a figure who dies doesn’t rise again or inquire as to his whereabouts. This is fine; just try to give them the best answers you can in whispers, and promise them you’ll discuss it more after the movie.

As parents, we all want to introduce toddlers to movies since it’s a great way to bond with them, but taking them to the movies for the first time can either be a treat or a total disaster, so hope for the best and be prepared for the worst!

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