Why Moms Have Some Growing Up To Do To Raise Good Kids

Why Moms Have Some Growing Up To Do To Raise Good Kids

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Raising kids these days is an enormous task. There’s a lot that parents have to teach them from an early age. Imbibing values, manners and basic etiquettes in them is of primary importance. Also, family is the foremost thing that plays a huge role in molding a child’s personality.

We all want our kids to be the best human beings when they grow up, but there are certain things that need to be ensured first. In Indian households, the child is most likely to be closer to the mother than the father. This in itself increases the role of the mother tenfold.

Here are a few reasons why moms have a lot of growing up to do to raise good kids:

1. Teaching them the importance of independence

Mothers who are independent and self-reliant make sure that they inculcate similar values in their children. Independence is not just in the way of going to a job and adding to the earnings for the family. Independence includes small acts of self-help and self-reliance, even if it is as small as making their own beds or doing other household chores without relying on a domestic help. It will teach your kids the survival skills they will require later on and also make them responsible.

2. Patience and faith

Having a child can be overwhelming at times. Raising a child is an even more challenging task. In the course of things, parents tend to lose their temper and get angry at their little ones for trivial reasons. It is very essential for parents, especially mothers, to keep calm and have faith. Mothers need to grow up and realize that a little faith can go a long way. Being patient with kids and handling situations without throwing a temper tantrum is of utmost importance.

3. Slow down

Pregnancy and delivery might have been a blur of events that went past really fast, but having a child brings a natural lag in your step. Mothers need to understand the value of spending time with their kids instead of joining work immediately after the birth of their baby. They need to learn that the baby is both mentally and physically dependent on her, making it all the more important for you to give time and not rush through with things the way you used to in college.

4. Stop staying up late and avoid distractions

In an era of technology and social media, mothers often forget that they have to raise a child. Having a baby is full of surprises and comes with little sleep. Mothers should grow up and be more responsible about their sleep patterns and other habits. Keeping up late at night just to scroll through your social media feed can lead to sleep deprivation. Being distracted with other gadgets, while your child is growing up, is a huge loss for them. It is important to give time to your kids and inculcate good values in them.

5. Being strict has consequences

While moms need to ‘grow up’, they should also make sure that they do not become too strict. It is known that strict parents raise very good liars. Yes, you don’t want your children to be dishonest with you at any point of time in their lives. Being too strict not only affects your kids’ mental health, but it also leads to problems with their physical health. So, while being strict in certain situations may be necessary, mothers need to strike a balance and understand that it’s alright to let their kids be.



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