Your Checklist For This Months Baby Essentials

Your Checklist For This Months Baby Essentials

25 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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With all the tasks to be completed every day, moms don’t have any time left to themselves. Almost all their time is spent tending to their baby. Buying a monthly supply of baby essentials is important, as it can help save time and ensure you don’t have to freak out in the middle of the month. We have prepared a list of all the baby supplies you would need to stock up for this month and you don’t even have to leave your house to buy them – just order them home!

A) Diapers and Wipes

1) Disposable diapers

The first thing that pops into our minds when thinking about monthly baby supplies is diapers. For infants, you would have to change their diapers 8-12 times every day. In fact, 30%-40% of your expenses are on diapers. So, while you definitely have to stack up on your diaper supplies for the month, you can make big savings by ordering them on Flipkart without compromising on the quality.

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2) Disposable wipes

You would definitely need to use a lot of disposable baby wipes for your baby, whether it is for wiping them during a diaper change, cleaning their hands after they played in the mud or wiping their face after feeding. You should always keep a box of disposable wipes near by at the ready.

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B) Skincare and Haircare

1) Baby lotion

Your baby’s skin has to be moisturized at least twice every day. In fact, even when changing diapers or using baby wipes, you could be robbing your baby’s skin of moisture. Ensure you never run short of baby lotion and stock up for the month.

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2) Baby powder

During a diaper change, it is important to use an astringent to prevent diaper rashes. Baby powder can be used for this purpose. Considering the number of diaper changes you have to do in a day, you must keep a decent stock of baby powder as well.

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3) Baby soap and shampoo

Considering that you bathe your baby once a day, a baby soap bar would last for 2 weeks at the most. So, you would need to buy at least two for the month. Also, since you wash their hair once or twice a week, you would need a new bottle of baby shampoo every 3 months.

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C) Feeding and Nursing

1) Breast pump

Breast pumps are the ideal choice for working mums. You can pump anywhere on the go and it doesn’t take too much time either.

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2) Feeding bottles and nipples

Bottles and nipples are also essential for working mums. They need to be checked and replaced every few months.

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3) Nipple butter

Nipple butters are great for soothing and healing sore, cracked nipples. There are nipple butters available that are safe for babies and don’t need to be washed off before a feeding session. Keep sufficient stock of nipple butter as well.

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D) Baby Clothing

1) Bibs

When it is time for your baby to sit down for a meal, s/he is bound to make a mess. To make life easier for you, mankind created this marvellous bit of cloth called a bib. To make life even more easy and colorful, you could order a couple of attractive disposable bibs for your infant.

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2) Onesies

Onesies are the most convenient and comfortable clothing you can buy for your baby. You would need to buy new onesies for your baby almost every month to keep up with their growth spurts.

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We hope you find yourself all set for the month. You can now order using this list as a monthly guide.

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