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Pediatricians in Mumbai

As soon as your baby is out in this world, a child specialist (pediatrician) in Mumbai, will be your 'messiah' of sorts. You will find yourself running to a pediatrician every now and then, so it's important that you choose a good one near your residence. In the initial months and years of your child's life, the pediatrician has a key role to play in vaccinations, assessing developmental milestones, in the diagnosis of illnesses and sometimes even for advice on nutrition. So make sure you choose the right child specialist in Mumbai based on reviews of other parents like you. Refer to 194 reviews and 206 recommendations on around 100 pediatricians in Mumbai before you zero in on the best pediatrician for your child. Some of the best known pediatricians in Mumbai are Dr Bijal Srivastav, Dr Ramesh Iyer, Dr Fazal Nabi.