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Choosing an activity class for your kid in Prabhadevi, Mumbai is now easy We live in a city where a large amount of our time is spent reaching from one point to another. Often, we spend that “travel” time staring into our phone screens. Thanks to our urban lifestyle and the constant need to be ‘connected’, our children have taken after us. And it’s highly doubtful if we’re proud of it. Parents are constantly looking at more than one way to enroll their kids in some activity class, so as to engage them into activities that can help them become better and even healthy individuals. How can an activity school help? Proper and complete development of a child is any parent’s No. 1 priority. To understand this better, let’s look at the two broad skills that a child needs to hone. Cognitive skills: Involves learning skills like attention span, memory and thinking. It has been established that while genetic makeup is responsible for basic cognitive ability, most cognitive skills are learned and hence, can be enhanced with appropriate training. Motor skills: Involves using muscles and can be further classified into Gross Motor Skills (large movements like jumping, crawling) and Fine Motor Skills (smaller movements like picking peas with a finger and thumb). Impact of activity classes Medical research has proved that, children as young as 11 months can show signs of technology addiction and the need for screen time. So what do you do to sever this dependence? Experts and experienced parents recommend Activity Classes. Here are some benefits of sending your kids to an activity academy.  Sets your child’s time table. Little children need to have their day sorted. Planning this day can take up a lot of time and what if you run out of ideas? Thankfully your neighbourhood activity school has taken care of all that.  Helps to learn. In a set pattern, the teachers at the activity school will help your child to recite rhymes, count numbers, learn alphabets, recognize colours and so on.  Makes them social. Social behavior is an important aspect of every individual. You’ll be surprised at the impact an activity centre can have on your kid.  Listening to and carrying out instructions. At the activity center, the little ones get a hands-on experience on following instructions of teachers and trainers.  Team Spirit. Yes this too. Activity Classes For All Child development and early learning experts have classified visual, auditory, linguistic and kinesthetic methods as broad topics of learning. And as time has progressed, new methods such as – naturalist, musical, visual or spatial, mathematical, interpersonal and intrapersonal as well have been recognized. Broadly, activity centers or activity schools offer music and dance (western, Indian and folk) classes, painting and drawing classes, some specialize in academic activities like vocabulary and speech enhancement, different language, phonics; there are those for little math geniuses with UCMAS, Vedic Math, Abacus and so on. Now that you know how activity classes, activity academies can generate interest, engage and enhance your child’s personality, visit BabyChakra’s exhaustive list of Activity classes in Prabhadevi, Mumbai to select the best activity class for your child in your neighbourhood.