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About Kiran's Taekwondo Training Academy

Kiran Upadhya is the Director of KTTA. She is the highest belt holder and the most senior and respected lady instructor in India. Starting back from the 80's she has trained numerous champions.

Kiran is a 7th Dan Black belt and Entrant of THE LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS(1995,2009 & 2015). she is the 1st and only lady instructor to get 7th Dan black belt in india. The latest achievement is Kiran won a Gold medal in the Muye competition in senior women's category in the 35th Taekwondo Nationals held in Mumbai from 22-24th Jan'16.

Kiran has had a vast range of students from lower to middle income families, corporates to celebrities. Her tutelage is extremely popular among all these kids. The biggest celebrity being the King Khan. Srk's kids Suhana and Aryan both are serious practitioners of this art and have won loads of Gold medals in State and National level competitions.

Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial art where in "Tae" means the use of one's legs (kicks),"Kwon" is the use of one's hands(blocks, strikes) and "Do" is the art. So the art of using one's hands and legs for self defense is called "Taekwondo".


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