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About Mamalait Granules

Fredun as a group is dedicated to improving lives of people with years of experience in manufacturing various pharmaceutical formulations, dietary/herbal supplements, and other healthcare products.  Fredun group Companies has built a good reputation not only in India but across many countries.

Mamalait Granules is a Dietary Supplement to Improve and Increase Lactation.

Benefits of Mamalait Granules :
•    The herbs in Mamalait Granules  are carefully selected and combined to strengthen the formula proven to promote and enrich mother’s milk. The primary herb Shatavari, offers targeted benefits for its galactogogue effect, while the supporting herbs reinforce the benefits of the primary herb. 
•    This Herbal formulation is prepared from herbs which contain richest mixtures of phytochemicals, alkaloids and bioflavonoids that offer a unique blend which helps in maintaining holistic health of both, the lactating mothers and their infants
•    This formulation has been developed on the basis of ancient Ayurveda principles. 
•    Additionally, it aids in general debility, boosts energy that in turn improves and increases immunity.

Advantages of using Mamalait Granules :
• Mamalait Granules helps in maintaining holistic health of both the lactating mothers and their infants.
• Mamalait Granules has been tested to be free from Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Fungal contaminants.  
• Heavy metals in this formulation are within permissible limits making it absolutely safe for the mother and the child.
• Along with the main component Shatavari, appropriate quantities of additional balancing herbs are present to rejuvenate the body of the lactating mother by rendering additional benefits to the formulation.  
• So far, no side effects have been reported as a consequence of using Mamalait Granules.




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