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Sperm Banks in Mumbai Central, Mumbai If your search on Google has led you this page, it’s very likely that you and your partner have just begun considering the option of trying to conceive with a sperm donor and are reading up on the how, what and where and consuming all that the information there is on sperms banks in Mumbai Central, Mumbai Worry not for here is a comprehensive and concise version of all you need to know about sperm banks in your locality. Let us begin by understanding what is a sperm bank? In simple English, it is a semen bank or a facility or a cyrobank that collects and stories human sperm obtained from sperm donors, to be used by women who need donor sperm to get pregnant. How do I trust a sperm bank and the sperm donor? Just like trying an adventure sport for the first time is a terrifying experience, it is absolutely natural to be skeptical about venturing into the unknown. However, be rest assured as legally, sperm donors have to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases and genetic disorders. Once the sample is collected, it is sent to the lab to be tested for quality and quantity analysis, after which it is sent for freezing. How do I get a sperm donor? There are two main routes of getting a sperm donor: 1. Where you can use the sperm from an anonymous donor through an IVF by going to a fertility clinic. 2. Use the sperm of a donor you already know. It could be someone you know (friend) or a donor you met through a website This is the broad understanding of sperm banks in Mumbai. To know more, visit BabyChakra’s list of sperm banks in Mumbai Central, Mumbai to make an informed choice to fulfill your dreams of being a parent.