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Get Fit With Yoga Classes in Sakinaka, Mumbai Among India’s rich and cultural heritage is an ever-shining jewel – Yoga. Centuries ago, Yoga was a way of life, where body, mind and soul followed a disciplined régime. Today too, health conscious men and women swear by effects of Yoga on the body and mind alike. Yoga for pregnant women or prenatal yoga is a good way to prepare the breath and mind for labour, delivery and post-delivery as well. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy with a focus on specific areas will help you overcome the pains and common pregnancy issues. 5 BENEFITS OF PRENATAL YOGA CLASSES Here are common pains and pregnancy issues that can be alleviated by taking prenatal yoga classes. 1. Breathing Technique: As a woman preparing for labour and delivery, it is important that you remind yourself to breathe properly as it helps relax the body and you are more in control of the pain and strain as well. 2. Pelvic Floor: This muscle supports the vital reproductive and digestion organs. During pregnancy, it also supports the baby and hence, it is important to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. It is also very important to work with these muscles after childbirth. 3. Maintaining Posture: As you progress in your pregnancy, a growing belly stretches abdominal muscles well beyond their original shape causing lower back pain. Yoga can help relieve this pain. 4. The Feet: With the shift in the center of gravity, your feet can change your stance. You may feel increased pressure in your feet and joints. Some women also experience cramping and varicose veins. 5. The Hips: Prenatal yoga can bring back flexibility to muscles and bone structures in the front and back of the hips. Hormones released during pregnancy soften and relax joints and prepares it for child birth. However, getting the muscles ready is good to facilitate an easier birth for mom and baby. Most yoga classes have tutors who have worked with pregnant women and can help you with asanas and exercises that are most suitable for you.