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About Candy Cane Club

Candy Cane Club is an App subscription service for young parents, offers you, curated, discovery based ideas and kids activities at your fingertips, designed to create mental stimulation, for your child's development. You get a complete solution for your child's playtime needs. Make your everyday routine into game for your pre-school goer every month, be it eating, doing your chores, out in the car, on a vacation or the weekends.

Spend a Sunday conveniently at home with your child through innovative game-play that involves Books, Toys, Art and Craft, Words, Numbers, Math for Kids, Science for Kids, healthy eating and a lot more. Capture, Caption and Save all your child's memories in one place, through your private Kids Album. Forget the fear of losing your pictures, forever.

Start your experience for FREE and upgrade to become a premium member to enjoy contests, discovery races, events and more that win you loads of prizes just for playing with your child in your house! Rediscover the fun side of Parenting and enjoy healthy early development years with your child.

Rs. 2999 for annual subscription.



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