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Pregnancy changes you in many ways. From having  morning sickness, headaches, cramps to softening ligaments to increased appetite and indigestion to cravings, there are so many things happening with you.

Having a baby can bring emotional changes too. Alongside of happiness ,excitement and anticipation,  there can be feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, uncertainty or stress. Especially, if this is your first  pregnancy, feeling stressed about ‘what if something may go wrong’, ‘will this affect my baby health’, ‘will he or she be normal’, ‘will i be a good parent’,  ‘can i provide adequate day to day baby care’, ‘body changes’, ‘ relationship with your partner’, may seem justifiable. Small things can seem like large things and large things can be totally feel intense, difficult to deal with.

When you are pregnant, your baby is exposed to everything you experience.  It can be sounds around you, the air you breathe, the food you eat and the emotions you feel. When you feel happy and at peace, it allows your baby to develop in a happy and peaceful environment.

Having a sound body and mind wellness is all about feeling balanced, feeling well and being able to handle problems, stress or  whatever comes your way.

Often pregnant women go through a series of regular medical check-ups to track their physical health and the growth of the baby. How can you tell if your mind wellness is on track?

When we talk about the  mind wellness, the first thing that needs to be factored is the daily stress and discomforts. Considering today’s busy lifestyles, where dealing with high levels of pressure and tension is “normal”, recognising the degree to which you are stressed or experiencing discomforts, without prior experience of being watchful about it, may be a challenge.  No wonder, 1 in 10 women in India today are facing depression during or post pregnancy and actual numbers can be even higher because of not being diagnosed.

How can you be sure these fears, worries , mood fluctuations and stress is not causing damage to your mind and body? Most importantly, how can you tell if all of this is not impacting your baby health? How do you know what measures needs to be taken for achieving sound and balanced mind health when you don’t measure it?

Taking care of your wellbeing is very important during pregnancy. What your body experiences while you are expecting can affect your child for years to come. Substantial research is made linking everyday stress during pregnancy to a higher risk for childhood emotional, physical, and behavioural problems, including preterm birth, ADHD, learning disabilities and childhood anxiety and in some unfortunate cases, miscarriage.


nSmiles mission is to help you provide a optimal prenatal environment that can aid you deliver a healthy, cheerful and high IQ baby.

The Pregnancy wellbeing check, India’s ONLY online wellbeing check for pregnant women, measures 8 areas of your well being - physical, mental, social, financial, career, spiritual, communal and family health. It can be taken on mobile or web.


Post completion of the survey, that takes 15 to 20 mins, an automated report is generated with personalised recommendations on tips to enhance your wellbeing to maintain optimal prenatal body and mind health

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022 4890 0140 ( Dial Extn. No. 24537#)

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Mon 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM OPEN

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No reviews on this service yet!
If you’ve used this service, help other moms by writing a review