There is no work more challenging in the world, than to be a new mom. A bundle of joy which has grown inside of you for 9 months, finally lands in your arms to give you immense joy; probably the most memorable moment of your life. However, this tender bundle of joy is quite demanding. Yet to grasp the world of words, your task becomes even more exhausting as you have to decipher the baby’s needs from the expressions, giggles, gurgles and occasional screams. Amidst all the turbulence that arrives with the baby, a new mom needs a moment of peace also and nothing can be more calming than our Soul Rejuvenating Organic Drinks Hamper to soothe the frayed nerves of a new mom.

Soul Rejuvenating Organic Drinks Hamper for Mom includes:

Rose Hip Tea: Curious and delightful Vitamin C and flavonoids rich drink

Himalayan Herbal Tea: Galactagogue Herbs from the upper Himalayas. Heavenly

Barley Chicory Coffee: Mom’s first love is coffee? Why then, lets bring it back into her life! Its called Orzo in Italy, Orzo for Barley. There’s no caffeine here as there is really no coffee! But it definitely tastes like one.

All in a cute little Gift Basket.

Age Range : New Mother

Material : 3 Packs of Tea & Coffee + 1 gift basket

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