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Why Old clothes for a New Born Baby? 

Swaddling is an age-old (some 4000 years old) practice of wrapping infants in blankets or similar clothes. Swaddling makes your baby feel warm, cozy and secure, like in the womb.

In India, the new born child is always swaddled in old soft cotton clothes: Grandpa’s white dhoti, Grandma’s well used & washed soft light coloured or white saree or baby clothes are stored and then shared with the newborn in the family and neighborhood. This intrigued Earthbaby; we asked the grandmothers why Old clothes for a New Born Baby? The white clothes were unbleached; also dirt is seen easily so you can clean it, that way hygiene is maintained. Old clothes so that the chemicals in the dyes are all washed out and the baby’s skin is not harmed by it! Also in olden days it was all naturally dyed clothes! Aha! Grandma knows best!

Grandma also said the first few days after the baby is born, swaddling the baby helps keep the baby warm, till the internal system of the baby starts regulating the body temperature. Swaddling helps keep the baby cozy & calms the baby. It helps the baby fall asleep and remain asleep. This also explains the expression ‘Bundle of Joy!’

Our Natural Dyed Swaddle is 100% cotton. The fabric is soft, comfortable and non-allergen. Herbs & processes used for colors lend antifungal & antibacterial properties to the garment that lasts up to 20 washes.

Herbs used for colors:

For Yellow - Turmeric
For Red – Madder
Mordant – Alum
Natural dyes are unpredictable just as nature itself. Expect some color imperfections.

Wash Care:

Do not rub the fabric.
Do not soak or bleach.
Hand wash preferred to machine wash.
Use PH neutral detergent or Reetha (Soapnut).
Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Age Range : Kids - New born

Material : Brown Box