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Important Notice : Mother's milk is best for your baby

In today's industrialized world, our ancient healthy food practices are defeated by highly processed, unhealthy, ready to eat foods. Its time to bring back our lost legacy of traditional food to our new age infants & toddlers.

It's Protein time! Yay! Minerals, vitamins all jump in with added lentils. Folate boosts the immune system & iron accelerates brain development. We got it right.


- Made with Organic Ingredients
- 100% Natural, Homemade Baby food
- No Pesticides, No Preservative, No Artificial Colors & Flavors, No Sugar, No Salt, No Milk Solids
- Suitable for 7 months up to 2 years of age. Net weight 300 g
- Traditional and healthy baby food for the new age moms.
- Prepared with utmost care in a hygienic environment.


White Rice, Red Gram, Fried Gram & Cumin Seeds

Directions For Use:

1. Add 50ml of Boiled cooled water to 2 tbsp (appx. 30g) of ''First Folids Rice with Dhal Porridge Mix'' & make thick paste without lumps.
2. Then add 175ml of water to the mixture.
3. Add required salt (optional).
4. Place the mixture on stove, stir continuously on low flame for 7 mins.
5. Remove from stove, close and wait till the porridge cools down to room temperature.

Safety Instructions:

1. Infant food should be introduced only after the completion of 6 months upto 2 years of age.
2. Consult your pediatrician before introducing infant food to your baby.
3. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding to babies.
4. WHO recommends no addition of salt and sugar to baby's food till completion of 1 year.
5. Breastfeeding should continue after introduction of infant food.
6. Boiled fruits, vegetables and other family food shall be introduced to baby's diet as per the advice of pediatrician along with infant food.
7. Discard the left over food, Do not reuse it for the baby.

Age Range : 7-24 Months

Material : White Rice, Red Gram, Fried Gram & Cumin Seeds