Badam & Date Drink 200g

Badam & Date Drink 200g

Recommended for little ones who are allowed to consume sugar.

Nutrition facts: - Finely powdered Almonds & Dates that blends well with milk, can be used as sweetener for porridges, smoothies, milkshakes, desserts etc. - Almonds are considered one of the best brain foods. - Its also super dense in Vitamin E for great skind & hair. While dates are en excellent source of fibre & iron. - No Preservatives, colours or artificial flavours used. - 50% Less sugar content compared to commercial available Badam Drinks How to use: This Badam and Date drink flavours milk naturally. Just mix 2-3 spoons of the powder in warm or cold glass of milk and enjoy the drink. You can even add it to kheer, sheera or any sweet preparations you make to enrich the nutrition value naturally. Ingredients: Ingredients: Almonds, Dates, Organic Brown Sugar, Lotus Seeds, Cardamom. And nothing else!. A 100% Junk Free Promise No added salt or milk powder. No Preservatives, colours or artificial flavours.

Shelf Life: Best before 2 months from MFD. Best to store in a dry steel or glass container in a refrigerator.

Why Moms love Early Foods: - Made from ancient Indian Super Foods - We make really small batches of food each day. So you can always feed super fresh meals. - Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing - No Preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. All Natural' Age Group - 1 Year Onwards Ingredients: Almonds, Dried Dates, Organic Brown Sugar, Cardamom


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