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Children will love playing with Chhota Bheem Kahani Apni Apni set. There is a lot colouring, and creativity involved. This set will boost creative thinking in children and will keep them occupied.

Key Features :

• Create your own Kahani Apni Apni Set
• With Hindi Translations
• You can use a character with a magnet on a fridge, a metal cupboard or any other metal surface
• Improves creativity
• Non-toxic

How to Play With Kahani Apni Apni:
Open the packet containing 16 hard board sheets of character cut outs with black and white line art on them.
Using the given crayons or any other set of colours that you have, colour these character cut-outs.
Once you have coloured all the characters, open the packet with magnet and foam tape.
Take a small piece of tape and put it on back of any of the coloured cut-outs.
Peel off the release paper from the other side of foam tape and stick a magnet on it. Your first character of Kahani Apni Apni is ready!

Items Included in Package

• Character Cut Outs - 16 No’s
• Crayons - 1 Packet
• Magnets - 8 No’s
• Special Reusable Adhesive - 1 Packet
• Foam Tape - 1 Packet

Age Range : 3 to 5 years

Material : Plastic