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Important Notice : Mother's milk is best for your baby

Traditional Indian snack loved by kids 1yr+ and adults.

Organic Peanut Chikki is a healthy and tasty snack which is made up of peanuts and jaggery. It's a perfect replacement for junk food like chips, biscuits and chocolates. Rich in protein, Vitamin E, B complex, anti-oxidants and Minerals: iron, magnesium, calcium & zinc.

Ingredients: Organic Peanuts, Jaggery. No preservatives, no sugar,  no added colours or artificial flavors.

Is it appropriate for Expecting moms?
Yes, except if you are allergic to peanuts

Is it appropriate for New moms?
Yes. This healthy and tasty chikki is perfect for moms having hunger pangs.'

Age Range : Kids 1yr+, All Ages

Dimensions : 8h x 5w x 2.5d

Packaging ; Plastic sealed pack