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A nutritious weight gaining mix of 15 super ingredients essential for a child's growth and development. Contains no chemical preservatives or added sugar or salt. Hapup is homemade using only regional ingredients and naturally processed. Naturally made. Key ingredients in Hapup are millets.  Our multi millet nutri mixes are based on the wisdom of traditional Indian recipes, created using nutritious regional ingredients. This power packed superfood is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Each of the 15 ingredients used is a power house of nutrients in itself. Hapup Super Nutri Mix is a balanced mix of these diverse ingredients that creates a wholesome meal. Just 2 spoons of Hapup makes a satisfying meal that wards off craving for junk substitutes.

However, the most unique benefit of Hapup is that it grows with your baby. An extremely versatile product, that is introduced as porridge (semi-solid) for a 6 month old, graduates to solid recipes like smoothies, dosa, idli, chapati, buns, laddoos, nachos, barfi, muffin etc as per your family's preference.

It is great for kids and adults! We don't use any chemical preservatives or added sugar or salt. Naturally made. Naturally loved.