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  • Rich In Carbohydrates
  • Easily Digestible
  • Helps Babies Attain Healthy Weight Gain

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About Kerala Banana Powder 200 gms

Important Notice : Mother's milk is best for your baby

Best First Foods from the Land of Ayurveda!

Raw Kerala Banana is considered as the best first foods for babies. It is rich in carbohydrates necessary for providing instant energy to the baby. Made by sun drying Raw Kerala Bananas and powdered in its original form. Rich in Carbohydrate and Mineral A traditional food from World famous land of Ayurveda. Easily digestible early food which doesn't cause cough or colds, and helps babies attain Healthy Weight Gain.

 TOTS AND MOMS' Kerala Banana Powder is –
•       A rich source of energy, helps in weight gain and easy digestion
•       A immunity booster to fight against frequent illness
•       A rich source of proteins & calcium help in healthy growth, development and learning in kids.
•       100% Organic
•       Preservative, additive and milk solids free with healthy ingredients

Dried and Powdered Raw Kerala Banana

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits –
• High in iron  
• Rich Calcium content
• Rich source of Protein

Directions to Use:
Take 1 tbsp of powder in a bowl and mix without lumps in 100 ml of cold water/milk. Cook for 5 mins in low flame, add any flavors or sweeteners & serve lukewarm. For older kids can be added to porridge, kheer, sweets to increase the nutritional value 

Age: 6 months +

Shelf Life:
Best before 4 months from Manufacturing Date 

Weight: 200 gms

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