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For a healthy household, it is crucial to maintain a hygienic kitchen. Several disease-causing germs are contained in unclean dishes and vessels that aren’t washed well. To keep you and your family away from microbes that spread infections, it is important to keep your dishes clean and dry. This natural liquid dish wash has been made with organic, earth-friendly ingredients to effectively remove stains, grease and germs from your dishes.
Chemical household cleaning products contain harmful products that may prove hazardous in the long run. The natural dish wash is made exclusively of plant extracts and aromatic oils, which are a 100% herbal in nature. The dish wash is not only non-toxic and safe for your utensils but is also gentle on your skin. Thanks to its natural, plant-based ingredients, it does not cause any side effects. This acid-free dish wash does not leave behind any residue after the wash,except for a sparkling shine.

The Composition:
This liquid dish wash contains several herbal ingredients, including non-ionic cocoa, water, coconut-based surfactants, soap nut and lemon oils.

How to Use it:
For normal stains, a few drops of the dish wash must be added to 150ml of water. The scrub should be dipped into this solution, and then be used to clean vessels and other dishes. For stronger, stubborn stains, pour the concentrate directly on the stain and scrub after a minute or two.

Where to Use It:
This dish wash can be used on utensils or dishes.

What to Watch out For!
This product must be kept away from the reach of children. One of the household cleaning tips to remember is to avoid direct contact of the dish wash with cuts, wounds and the eyes. The product is manufactured for external use only.

Water, non-ionic cocoa, coconut-based surfactants, soap nut and lemon oils.

Age Range : For Mothers