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Regular bath soaps use chemicals to produce lather. Soap bars are being marketed as natural still use 'lye' a corrosive chemical, for saponification. As chemical free alternative to soap bars, soapnuts are rich in lather producing 'saponins' and can be used as safe body wash.

Key Benefits :
• Hypoallergenic and gentle on human skin
• Clears sun tan improves skin complexion
• Leaves soft feeling glowing skin
• Long lasting natural fragrance
• Environment friendly

How to use:
Quantity Half to one teaspoon.
Put a teaspoon of powder in a bath tumbler filled with 100 ml of water
Stir vigorously with your hand until the foam generates
Use foamy solution as a body wash
Powder paste can be directly rubbed on body as a scrub
For dry skin, mix powder with 50ml of milk before applying
Avoid solution on eyes as no tear free chemicals have been added
Store in dry place use sealing clip to keep the packet airtight

Material: Soapnuts, Rice powder, Butter tree extract, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmin and other floral extract

Age Range : For Mothers