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Massage your little one with the Mothercare baby oil, which is enriched with natural ingredients like olive oil and chamomile oil. Both olive oil and chamomile oil are known to be natural moisturizers that leave your baby's skin soft and supple. You need to massage a little of this Mothercare All We Know baby oil onto your little one's scalp and the cradle cap will soon be gone. Mothercare All We Know oil comes with highest safety standards. Available in a pack of 300ml, All We Know baby oil is formulated in a way to nourish your little one's hair for it to grow stronger and thicker.

Mothercare Baby Oil 300ml is hypoallergenic in nature. This means that it does not cause any kind of allergies and is proven to be safe for even newborn babies. Mothercare oil for baby is mid-wife tested and is free of germs and allergens. Massaging your little one's hair with All We Know baby oil will only make your baby's hair silky and smooth. Dermatologically tested and proven to be safe for your baby, Mothercare All We Know oil is even safe for people with sensitive skin. Use this baby oil and make sure that the moisture is not stripped out of your little one's hair.

Blend of Natural Ingredients
Dermatologically tested
Enriched with soothing olive oil and chamomile oil
Makes baby's hair soft and silky
Suitable for newborns and up

Age Range: 1 year to 5 years