Personalizing BabyChakra just for you!
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Massage time means love time where you strengthen your bond with your baby! Massage your child with this carefully curated pack of products!

The Pack Includes:

• Cold Pressed Coconut Oil by Earth Baby: deeply moisturizing coconut oil for you and your baby. Use it as a hair and body massage oil that is
anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

• Baby Lotion by Himalaya: ensures your baby’s skin is always soft and retains its natural tenderness. The lotion has olive oil, which is full of Vitamin E
that acts as a healthy barrier against skin infections. Moreover, olive oil also has antimicrobial properties which keep his skin healthy and moisturized.

• Natural Body Scrub by Woods & Petals: pamper your baby with a natural and enriching blend of milk, gramflour, yellow mustard and geru.
This sustainable product is easy to store and can be tucked away in your bag while travelling.