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An assortment of all your baby’s needs that is perfect for grooming and important to inculcate good habits in children from a tender age.

The Pack Includes:

• Brushing Kit by Buddsbuddy: combination of toothbrush, tongue cleaner, toothpaste, 2-minute sand timer, fun sticker and more.
It turns the boring activity of brushing into a fun activity and children happily look forward to it.

• First Aid Emergency Kit by Buddsbuddy: First aid kit comes with 126pcs of first aid related products like bandages, gauze swabs, thermometer,
cooling gel patch, sanitizer, instant cooling pack, savlon, cotton roll, safety pins, cotton swabs, medical tape, scissors, tweezers etc.

• Nail Care Kit by Buddsbuddy: contains Nail clipper, Nail Scissor, Nail buffer, Nail filers, Sanitizer and kids friendly stickers.

• Diaper Rash Cream by Mamaearth: The cream provides rapid relief from diaper rashes and chafed skin. Its zinc oxide based,
non-petroleum and can help seal out wetness

• Sanitizer by Buddsbuddy: 100% kids friendly, It kills 99.9% germs without water and soap. This Sanitizer contains moisturizer to protect
hands from drying, which many other brands don't have.