Your child will get vital nutrition through these select health mixes sourced directly from brands.

Our top Healthy Mixes choices are:

• Barley Mix by Bebeburp: prepared with Barley which offers numerous healthy benefits to baby and is rich in potassium and has anti-fungal properties .
You can add vegetables to enhance the taste. Boil In hot water and cook for 10-15 minutes.

• Organic Oats by Little Moppet Foods: this is high in fiber and antioxidants, rich in B Vitamins and Vitamins E and K and gluten free. It boosts immunity
and 100% free from preservatives, added sugar and artificial flavors

• Banana Multigrain Health Drink by Little Moppet Foods: ultimate combination of 6 different millets and assorted seeds and nuts, you have a dish that’s
just brimming with good health! And when you combine these super powers with the high fiber and healthy calories of Kerala bananas, you know you
have a winner on your hands!

• Millet Dosa by Little Moppet Foods: 100% natural, organic, preservative-free home-made

• Masala Milk by Little Moppet Foods: A fabulous combination of some of the best nuts and spices in one powder. It provides many health benefits like
better digestion, brain function & nerves relaxation. Does not contain any sugar or preservatives or artificial flavors.

• Organic Brown Rice by Little Moppet Foods: It is made with unprocessed brown rice, retaining all the original nutrients. A rich source of Vitamins A, C,
B1, B2, Niacin and Folate.

• Get Trim Health Mix by Little Moppet Foods: Perfect for new Moms who can’t follow strict diets or do intense workouts. It is full of healthy fats, fiber,
protein and calcium. Made from organic ingredients, cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides 100% natural, without preservatives,
artificial flavors, colors or added sugar.

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