Personalizing BabyChakra just for you!
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Alternate between an array of delicious pastas and pancake mix to enrich your child’s nutritious diet.

The pack contains:

Veggie Alphabet Pasta By Mimmo Organics
A brand new, amusing way to include vegetables in your child’s diet. The goodness of organic semolina is infused with organic veggies: beetroot, spinach, carrot and tomato and served up in a fun way to help your toddler learn and enjoy the letters of the alphabet.

Baby Flower Red Lentils + Whole-Wheat + Carrot Pasta By Mimmo Organics
A brand new, amusing way to include plant-based protein, dietary fiber, essential vitamins and minerals in your baby and toddlers diet. An organic Red Letnils + Whole-Wheat mixture comes together with carrot to make small flower shaped pasta – great for adding interest, taste and health to your baby’s or toddler's meal. The exciting flower shapes of our Lentils pasta promises fun and easy meals.

Millet Pancake Mix: Chocolate & Supergrains By Slurrp Farm
Filled with the goodness of Supergrains - Ragi, Foxtail Millet and Jowar, mixed with Cocoa for a yummy scrummy meal! Fun fact: Ragi has 10x the Calcium of Wheat and Rice! It’s great for growing bones and for lactose intolerant people!

Ragi Pasta in Red Pepper Sauce By Happibo
Healthy pasta for your baby by using ragi pasta instead of maida and the sauce is made of beetroot, carrot, tomato and a little bit of red capsicum. This tangy sauce is a bit chunky to suit the growing gums of your little one. We also add chia seeds which is a well known superfood which packs a range of nutrients. You can garnish this with a little cheese before serving.