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Gel Metatarsal Pad-Male

₹ 400.00
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Key Features
  • Material – Cross Linked Polymer Pro Gel
  • Skin friendly
  • Cool water touch Better blood flow and cushion
  • Washable and Long Lasting
  • Easy Fit Best for diabetic patients
  • Provides support and Reduces stress in Metatarsal area
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For overweight or obese males struggling with extra weight, the additional strain on the arches of your feet can cause them to flatten. This, in turn, causes your feet to “pronate” or roll inward as you walk, placing a great deal of strain on your plantar fascia ligament. The rapid increase in strain on your arches causes small rips and tears to appear in the plantar fascia, leading to inflammation, pain, and, if left untreated, “heel spurs” (small, sharp calcium deposits that result from damage to the plantar fascia and dig into the fatty pad of your heel).

Most obese males experience some kind of pain in their arches but if your feet are aching–especially if your feet hurt but aren’t particularly swollen–it’s important to pay attention to the pain and recognise that plantar fasciitis may be developing. So, what can you do about plantar fasciitis?

Give your feet some much needed support. Orthotic shoe inserts designed specifically for Plantar Fasciitis can be easily slipped into your everyday shoes–and provide badly needed support and relief for your arches. Orthotics that treat plantar fasciitis are shown to have a 90% success rate in drastically reducing or eliminating heel and arch pain. Opt for a pair of supportive flats that give your toes plenty of room, support your heel and arch, and help you stay balanced. Use supports in shoes when needed, and lead a life free of foot-pain.

Size: Universal
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