About Letter from Baby

Gift your husband something he will cherish forever. Whether you're expecting a baby very soon or you already have a beautiful little toddler too young to even talk, gift your husband an adorable letter on behalf of the baby and watch him shriek in delight.

Content of the letter:
Dear Daddy,
Just because I am too tiny to talk doesn?t mean I can?t write you a letter either. Smart, right? I just
want to thank you Daddy for taking such good care of mom. I know I have troubled both of you a lot.
I think I gave you lots of mood swings, kept you awake at nights and sometimes made
her tummy hurt too. I am soooo sorry and I promise to make up for everything. I will become very
big very very soon so we can spend all day and all night and all day playing. I think we will be very
good friends. In fact, I think we can be BESHTEST BESHTfriends.
Your little one

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