About Mail from Baby

Share the joy of your pregnancy with your husband, with this handcrafted gift box of extremely
creative goodies.
This cute little gift box includes the following:
- A tiny heart in a bottle
-  6 miniature postcards with the following messages:
- I haven't even met you and I already love you both so much!
- We will be BESHTEST BEST Friends, ok?
- I promise not to be a VERY naughty kid. Just a little naughty.
- I want to grow up to be as caring as Mommy and as funny as Daddy
- Start buying ice-creams and toys and blankets. I am coming SOOOOOON!!!
- I am sooo bored already. Can I play football in your tummy Mommy.Pleeeease?
- A packet of Midnight Cravings (popularly known as?milk chocolates?)

- Approximate size of the box : 4 inches * 3 inches

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