About Adventure Book

Is your husband really excited and emotional about being a Father? Here's an adorable story written on behalf of the baby to surprise the brand new Dad! Once the flips the last page of the book, he will find a vintage looking pocket watch as a surprise gift.

Content on the Book

Dearest Daddy
I know I am too young to talk
So I am writing to you instead
It gets very boring inside Mom's tummy.
Can you please tell me a story every night?
And then get her some ice-cream so I can eat it too
I really like some of your jokes, even the silly ones
When I grow up, I want to be just like you (with better jokes of course)!
And I think we'll be bestest best friends
I know we haven't even met yet... but I miss you already.
I can't wait to see you! Specifications:
The story can be changed/customized as per your specifications without an extra cost.

After you've placed the order, the team will get in touch with you within 4 working hours to collect the customisation details.

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