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Indoor Bowling Sports Set Learning Toy with Multicolor Bowling Pins and Balls for Kids. Indoor Bowling Sports Set is a New Fashionable Kid Sports Equipment. Are You Obsessing with Bowling Hall? Stop it! Now Just a Poly Bag, You can take Bowling Back. They’re Light, Flexible and helps to Play without much Effort.

How To Play:
1) Playmates throw the Ball from the same place and the one who can Toss a Full Down and in the most beautiful Curve Wins.
2) Fancy Bowling Creative Team Competition, Designates a certain area, Each Team have a Group of Two or more People, Each Person must be Prepared to play Different Bowling, the most Creative Wins!

This Toy set is Designed with Environment-Friendly material, suitable for children to play and Enjoy and good for Intelligence Development. Gift this Incredible Bowling Sports Set and see them Developing Amazing Skills. Parents Play the Bowling with their Kids to be Better Connected. And also good for Kid’s Intelligence.

Packaging Contents: 6 Colorful Bowling Pins, 2 Colorful Bowling Balls.

Age Group : 4 Years+