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Magic Puzzle Cube Brain Teaser Megaminx Cube With White-base. It is quite smooth and the ideal starter puzzle for all megaminx solvers. Get this awesome puzzle for your kids and let their minds be stimulated.This megaminx is a 12-sided dodecahedron speed cube. This speed cube has proved to be quite hard for players to solve, yet highly addictive. Develops Cognitive Ability Ideal for kids above the age of 14 years, this cube helps improve their thinking skills. It provides early training for problem-solving skills, memory and intellectual development. Made with Plastic this plastic-made puzzle weighs 200 g, making it quite lightweight and easy-to-handle.

This Megaminx white speed cube bears a strong and adjustable built-in spring that lets you move the pieces smoothly. With significant resistance in the beginning, the puzzle pieces start moving smoother and faster with every individual attempt at solving the cube. Well-lubricated with soft edges, this Megaminx white speed cube is safe and ideal to play for both kids and adults alike. Besides, its portable design makes it convenient to carry everywhere you go and keep yourself or your little one busy. Get this ingenious brain puzzle for your kid to keep him or her mentally active and sharp at all times.

Age Group : 4 Years +