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Ecomm Presents Emob Family Play Time Picture Stationary is the classic board game where you’ve got to draw to win. You and your team try to guess various words and phrases by sketching clues to each other. One of the most famous party games for all ages, This card game can only be a value addition to your board game collection with hours of guessing, gaming and guffaws guaranteed. Regardless of how old you are, a game of Picture Stationary will always be something that you will enjoy for trying to make your team-mates understand your squiggles is something that should lead to a lot of laughs.

Play against the clock and others in a race to sketch your way around the board, drawing people, places, animals, objects, actions and SOME things you can’t even imagine how to draw. Land on an ALL PLAY and everyone gets a go! Bite your lip ...don't say the word- just draw it!, Picture Stationary is the game where your pencil does all the talking, You and your team try to guess words by sketching clues to each other, It could be a Place, a Person, Something you do, Something easy, Something hard. This board game is a must-have addition to your collection.

Age Group : 4 Years+