While most commercial toothpastes have high content of sugar which unknowingly enters our body while brushing our teeth through saliva. This toothpowder has been prepared without sugar. It also contains no animal bone content which otherwise is present in most toothpastes. Prepared with traditional indian herbs , salts and charcoal which have been used for teeth cleaning and gum protection since ancient times.

Clove (laung), Mint ( pudina ), Indian Gooseberry (amla) , Harde (haritaki ) , Belliric Myrobalan (vibhitaki ) , gomaye charcoal , Caraway ( kala zeera ) , Camphor ( kapur ) , 5 salts , Neem , Peepul rool extracts, Eucalyptus oil ( nilgiri oil ), Apamarg root (chirchita )


Used in body part:
Tooth & Gums

Best Before (Expiry Date):
2 years from dt of mfg

Dosage/Directions to Use
Take a small amount of powder in the palm of your hand . Use your middle finger to cleanse and massage your teeth and gums . Middle finger corresponds to akash tatva. It should be used for cleansing your teeth. You can also make a paste with some coconut oil. Alternatively you can also use a toothbrush. This powder can be used for gargle too.


Cautions/Warnings (if any)
Please check the product to make sure you are not allergic to the product.

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