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Prepared in a traditional way . Most ingredients have been used in ayurvedic preparations for various body parts since ancient times. These are natural ingredients which are non toxic and skin friendly.

Pain Relief Oil - sesame oil ( til thailam ), areca leaves ( supari patra ) , moringa leaves ( shigru patra ) , thorn apple leaves ( dhatura patra ), gomaye extract , caraway ( kalonji ), carrom ( ajwain ), mint ( pudina ) , camphor ( kapoor kachri ) Ingredients : Ubtan - Ingredients : avartaki ( senna flowers ), khus ( vetiver), kalonji ( nigella sattiva ), hara moong ( green gram ), neem leaves , kasturi manjal ( wild turmeric ), naranga chilka ( orange peel), multani mitti ( fullers earth), gulab patti ( rose petals), khadira , tulsi ( holy basil )


Used in body part
Full Body

Best Before (Expiry Date)
2 years from dt of mfg

Dosage/Directions to Use
Directions to use : Pain Releif Oil - Pour appropriate quantity on your palms. Massage gently on affected areas. Leave it for 30 mins . Ubtan : Take about 4 tablespoons of ubtan and mix with coconut oil for dry skin and winter months. It should be one part coconut oil and 3 parts water.. Scrub your face and body to get clear and translucent skin. Mix ubtan with rose water or lime juice for oily skin. To make a detan face mask apply the paste on your face and leave it to dry for 20 mins. Remove it using water in light circular motion.


Cautions/Warnings (if any):Please check the product to make sure you are not allergic to the product.