Personalizing BabyChakra just for you!
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- Surprise your husband with this extra cute gift!
- Add a voice message to this stuffed smiley toy. Every time you press the soft toy, the message will play.
- Here’s a sample video of the surprise -
- You can share the audio clip with us or record your message personally after the gift has been received.
- The cushion can be unzipped and you can change the audio message in the device whenever you please.

Specifications :

- Length of the audio message shouldn’t exceed 20 seconds
- Size of the soft toy – 30 cms diameter
- The recording device is battery operated. The device can be easily removed from the toy and the message can be changed at your convenience with the push of a button.
- The audio device is 4 x 4 inches in size and you have to bring the toy close to the ears to hear the message clearly.