The TigerEye PRO - with Battery Backup, Wi-Fi and a 3G SIM Card Slot is India’s only Stand-Alone, fully Portable and Fail Proof Baby Monitor with a Security Alarm System built-in!
The TigerEye PRO from TigerTech installs in less than 2 minutes and provides real time 720P HD video of your baby from your nursery, direct to your phone. Its powerful motion & sound sensors alert you when your baby wakes up or starts to cry, and its speaker and mic allows you to hear every sound your baby makes and speak to your baby or play lullabies remotely. The Portable TigerEye PRO allows you to simply unplug it and carry around the house or even in your car along with your baby. Works on Android + iOS + Windows App. Also has a built-in Siren Alarm.

• Monitor your baby in stunning clarity: See your baby in 720P HD video with 4X pinch zoom to see every single detail
• Wide angle: 110 degree wide angle view so you don’t miss a thing
• Night vision done right: Keep an eye on your child even in pitch darkness
• Fail proof: No need to worry about power or WiFi failures with TigerEye’s built-in Battery backup and SIM Card slot - perfect for Indian conditions
• Cry sensor: A highly sensitive sound sensor detects your baby’s sounds and alerts you
• Wake up sensor: A PIR motion sensor tells you if your baby starts waking up
• Move it with your baby: TigerEye PRO is completely portable. Moving to another room, going for a drive or going out for a weekend, carry the TigerEye
PRO with you wherever you go to keep an eye on your baby. Just unplug the device and carry it with you when you are going out. The battery backup and SIM card will continue
• Alerts: TigerEye sends you App notifications, SMS alerts, and also makes a call to your phone. Sends you a video clip of the alert to your Smartphone.
• 2 way talk: Hear every sound your baby makes or sing to your baby from anywhere through your phone
• Your Data is Safe: Secure Streaming with 128-bit encryption and H.264 compression
• Free Cloud Storage: Recorded Videos are stored on the Cloud and can be quickly reviewed with ease
• Local recording: Support up to 32 GB SD card. Records upto 7 days videos and pictures onto a local 32GB SD Card using timeline recording which
allows you to quickly review and find key moments with ease
• Easy install using Shelf or Wall mount: Can be wall mounted and also has a versatile magnetic stand that lets you install it anywhere
• Plug & Play: Easy to set up and operate. Installs in less than 2 minutes without a need for installation services
• Warranty: 12 months warranty & customer support in India
• Multiple access modes: Android, iOS mobile apps and Windows support to control all functions

How TigerEye PRO is different from other Baby monitors

The Tiger Eye PRO way The wrong way
Shows 24/7 live video streaming even without Power - Camera does not work when power is down
Automatically switches to 3G and continues to stream live video when Wi-Fi is down -Camera does not work when Wi-Fi is down
Built-in highly sensitive PIR motion sensor makes sure that every small activity is detected Video image-based motion sensors which are not reliable and only detect some activities. Many cameras don’t even have sensors.
Built-in highly sensitive noise detection sensor to detect baby’s sounds - No such feature is available in most regular cameras
Completely wireless device. Just plug in and connect to WiFi or 3G. Ideal for retrofit. - Other cameras need a web of wires that ruins the look of your home.
TigerEye PRO is completely portable. With a fully charged battery and SIM card, you can even carry the camera outdoors or in your car, along with the baby to show live video feeds. Not possible with any other camera as they need power and Wi-Fi.
TigerEye PRO send you App alert, SMS alerts and actually calls you if any sound or motion is detected and also automatically records and sends video clip of the event to your phone No such feature is available on any other camera system
Recording on local SD Card. Protects your data fiercely. Cloud recording opens up data for hacking
128 Bit encryption to ensure that your streaming is secure 64 bit or lower encryption
H.264 Data Compression to ensure minimum usage of Wi-Fi bandwidth High Wi-Fi bills due to heavy usage of Wi-Fi Bandwidth
Crisp 720p video with 4X zoom. High-quality lens, and digital zoom lets you see every detail in full HD. Many cameras come with HD, but their sensors and lenses give you a lower image/video quality.
CE, FCC, ROHS (US & Europe) Certifications stand for high build quality and reliability Most cameras don’t possess any such certifications

Package Includes:
1x TigerEye PRO Baby Monitor White
1x India Power Supply (Output: 5V 2A)
1x Wall installation Bracket
1x Magnetic table stand
1x Pack of Screws
1x Detailed User Manual

Installation Recommendations
For the TigerEye PRO to work well, you will need a high-speed Wi-Fi connection (min 2MBPS Upload speed) at the location where the cameras will be installed AND/OR you will need an active 3G Data SIM with calling plan. Please note that the Fail Proof nature of the product will only be activated when a SIM card with a good signal is installed.
If you are on Wi-Fi and your speed is below the 2MBPS speed level, please either:
• Move your router closer to the TigerEye PRO
• Add a WiFi signal repeater or
• Increase your internet /connection speeds from your service provider.

If you are installing the TigerEye PRO without WiFi, you will need an active 3G Data SIM. Please check that you get a SIM card from a provider with a good signal near your installation location. If you need to install the camera high up on a wall, please make sure that you order a USB Power extension cable.

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