Children are most precious and invaluable to any parent. Even the thought of losing your child for just a short moment, gives you that terrifying feeling of extreme panic No parent can even imagine losing sight of their child – until it actually happens.

TigerTrack is a smart, durable, wearable device that keeps busy families connected with their children and family with tracking information and 2 way voice functionality. TigerTrack gives you peace of mind with a built in cell phone and a SOS/Panic button. Whether you are unsure if your child has left school on time, made it to the bus, arrived home, or if they have just wandered out of sight – TigerTrack keeps you updated in real time. It is a compact, wearable device that fits neatly in backpacks, or can we worn with a chain. The device can be setup and managed via a single App and allows you to quickly know your child’s or family’s whereabouts at any time.

TigerTrack is the smallest and one of the most advanced safety wearables on the market. Your little ones information is updated on our mobile app every 1 minute. The information includes exact location and speed of travel. With a touch of the SOS button, your child can instantly inform you about any emergency, if there is any threat or is not feeling and call you instantly. You can also use the App to “listen-in” to the TigerTrack through a “one-way” voice call to make sure that your loved ones are safe. You can also set up safe zones and get alerts, e.g. you can create a safe zone around your child's route home from school, so you can be notified of any unexpected stops, or get notified whenever your child enters or leaves school. Whether you want to ensure the safety of your daughter coming home late from work, or ensure that your pet never gets lost, or you want to ensure your parents come back safely from their morning/evening walks without wandering too far away from home- TigerTrack makes sure you are never too far away from your safe zones.
TigerTrack provides multiple alerts including SOS alerts, Safe Zones, Speed, past locations for 3 months, low battery & device ON/OFF. When a safety alert is issued, designated family members and friends are notified by app alert or text message on their smartphones. A simple press of the SOS/Panic button by the user sends our instant alerts and auto-dials emergency numbers. You can also talk with your loved one with 2-way voice calling without them needing to pick-up or press a button, which is often helpful for very young children.
Safety alerts notifying you that your child has arrived at or left any pre-set location such as a school, tuition, cricket practice or even a crowded area like a mall are automatically triggered. You can also know if your child is traveling too fast in a moving vehicle. You will also be notified if the device is turned OFF or is low on battery. The app will also show you the various locations traveled by the user over the last 3 months.

TigerTrack’s uses Triple Mode Positioning Technology (GSM + LBS + WiFi) to ensure that your family can always be located. Location acccuracy depends on whether the user is indoors or outdoors, availability of GPS signals, certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error. In an open sky environment with a strong GPS signal, TigerTrack can be accurate to within 10-20 meters. With LBS the TigerTrack is accurate within 50-250 meters. TigerTrack can be tracked anywhere in India or across the world (as long as the SIM card has international roaming). If the device enters an area without GSM (or cell phone) coverage or with bad cell phone signal, the GPS feature may not be able to report its current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage, but its other location capabilities will continue to function.
TigerTrack has a long Battery Life due to the powerful built-in Lithium Battery which can work from 4-5 days in ‘Battery Saver’ mode and 1-2 days in ‘Active Mode.' It automatically triggers a ‘sleep’ mode to conserve battery, when stationary for more than 10 minutes, and wakes up when it detects any movement
TigerTrack is weather resistant and can sustain light rain, but is not immersible & is available in three different colors - Silver, Teal, and Ruby Red, contemporary design and smart finish, the tracker is a terrific accessory.


TigerTrack is the World’s smallest wearable Tracking device, with an SOS Button, built-in cell phone with a two-way calling feature, with geofencing and real-time live tracking using GPS+LBS+WiFi on any Smartphone.

• Personal Tracker with a 2G/3G SIM card slot, cell phone and SOS Button to ensure safety of loved ones while outdoors
• Wearable Safety Device – (4cm X 4cm and 22 grams) to locate and map movement of loved ones in real-time through GPS Tracking on your SmartPhone
• Compact size makes it convenient to be carried everywhere. Can also be used as a pendant or attached to belt/bag strap or vehicle
• Accurate Real Time Tracking using Triple Mode Positioning Technology (GSM + LBS + WiFi)
• SOS Button sends instant emergency alerts and gives them exact location details and also auto dials emergency numbers for two-way phone calling
using Built-in Microphone and speaker (even without your cell phone)
• Define your virtual safety zones on a map through the App through the Geofencing feature
• Get instant alerts as soon as the Tracker is taken outside the designated boundaries or safety zones
• Perfect for ensuring safety of children, senior citizens, pets or material assets
• A powerful built-in Lithium battery with 2-5 day stand-by mode
• Colour options available (Ruby Red, Teal, Silver)
• Sleek design, contemporary finish
• 12 months Warranty & Customer Support in India

TigerTrack Differentiators
• The smallest & lightest wearable tracker phone
• Multimodal location sensors using GPS, LBS (Location based services) and WiFi for real time tracking
• 1 step install process (insert SIM card and start)
• Built-in cell phone – the device not only tracks you, but it also auto-dials emergency numbers
• Built-in SOS button allows you to discretely and instantly alert friends and family with exact location details
• One way calling – Friends & family can call into the device remotely to hear surrounding sounds near the Tracker to ensure your safety
• Speed of travel information with 90 day location history

Package Includes:
1x GPS Enabled Smart Personal SOS Button Tracker
1X USB Charging Cable

Installation Recommendations:
An active 2G / 3G GSM Micro SIM with Data and Calling plan is required. We strongly recommend using a SIM card from providers like Airtel, IDEA or Vodafone whose signal coverage is good across the area of travel.

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