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Gorgon Nut, Commonly known as Makhana in India, is a lesser known nut that provides you with array of health benefits packed in one small fluffy seed.

Gorgon Nuts

Nutritional Value:
Per 100gm Protein - 4.52%
Total Fat - 0.01%
Cholesterol -0mg
Iron - 2236mg
Total Carbohydrates - 76.90%
Phosphorus - 2397mg
Zinc - 66mg

Key Features:
Makhana has Flavanoids which are antioxidants . These antioxidants reverse the adverse effects of free radical hence decreases the chance of Diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Additional Features:
Makhana is high in fibre hence improve the digestive system.
Makhana is low in Sodium and high in Potassium. This helps in regulate the Blood Pressure.

Other Attribute:
Makhana is low in calories and fat hence very effective snacks for Diabetics and people aiming for weight loss.
Anti Aging

Shelf Life: 4 months